Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Video commentary

This is a video commentary of our music video and ancillary tasks, we talk about our media products from our evaluations and answer the four questions included.

Wills Evaluation

Our media product challenges and sticks to conventions of real media products in a number of different ways. To begin with, in terms of Goodwins points, there is no sense of narrative in our video due to the nature of the genre and the artist. This allowed us to be a lot more experimental with the final video, and include more abstract imagery such as the background used on the green screen, the synced clapping, foot stomp routines and the visual effects used in places such as Lauren's cartwheel. However we also made use of conventions in terms of style as it meant we could include short dance routines in the video. This helped us get the "rave/party" like feel we wanted to achieve. Additionally, we took inspiration from other videos of a similar style and built on their initial ideas. For example, we used face paints in one section of our video which we saw in a Lady Gaga video. This shows the use of conventions well, as it is sticking with the mainstream in terms of visual style to increase the overall appeal of the video, and in turn, the song. In terms of lyrics and visuals, the nature of the video meant there was no need for a link between the visuals and the lyrics as the lyrics are very simplistic. However, we were able to make up for this with the music and visuals. The sound of the music came across "psychedelic" to me and thought that having quite a confusing and disorientating video would suit this well. We achieved this through using fast cuts and the visuals used in the video. In terms of Voyeurism, our music video is enjoyable to watch because it has a lot of relatively random and funny clips. This is what gives the viewer a sense of enjoyment, rather than them watching something as if they were a "fly on the wall". It was quite hard to determine on how to sell the artist as the actual artist of the song is just one person and we are a group of four. Because of this we focused more on selling the group alongside the song through the use of close ups and by focusing on specific actions performed by different members of the group, an example of this being Jamie's dance move. In terms of Intertextuality, we did not intentionally include any brands as we didn't feel there was any need to do this. However, there is a close up shot of my shoes at one point, which shows the "Nike" tick along the side. The rest of the video is free of any product placement though as the majority of close up shots are of faces and hands.

The combination of our main product and ancillary texts works well for a number of reasons. First off there was a relatively good connection between our digi-pak and the video since we used re-occuring imagery. An example of this would be the lightning bolt on the front of our digipak design. This can be seen on my face at one point in our video. Additionally we made sure to include a lot of links such as screen grabs from the video on the back of the digi-pak and also images of the group on the front, to show who appears in the video. The design has also stuck very well to the theme of the video. The background behind the profile images of the group is the same image that we used for the green screen, giving it a sense of continuity due to the use of confusing and disorientating images on both the video and the digipak.  The fonts we chose to use with the ancillary texts also link well with the video as once again both have quite an abstract feel. For example on the digi-pak and magazine advert we decided to use bold and "sci-fi" looking fonts.

From the audience feedback, which we received from the other groups in the class, we learnt a lot that could help us with our video. To begin with, we were made aware that the costumes used in the video on the day didn't  really fit well with the overall feel of the music or video. Furthermore we could also make better use of shot types throughout the video and increase the sense of disorientation. In response to this, we added a much wider variety of effects to different sections of our video. In particular, the close up shots of hands and faces were heavily edited with things such as a blur effect and also a negative filter was applied. Additionally, we received very useful feedback from Nick, a Film Studies teacher, who suggested we add more effects to strengthen the sense of continuity within the video. In particular, he said we should add the Broadcasting Stripes instead of letting the screen go black. Overall though, the feedback on the video was positive and things such as location, variation of shot type and duration, and also the video had a clear aim. The ancillary texts feedback was extremely useful as it helped us decide on the images we should use on the digipak and poster. It also prevented them from coming across as boring as the suggestion of using bold and bright colours proved invaluable in producing the final products.

In the construction and planning stages we made good use of media of media technologies. To begin with, the use of Mozilla Firefox and Youtube allowed us to throughly research other videos of a similar nature to allow us to take inspiration for what we should be doing in terms of visuals in our video from artists such as "Rusko" and "Lady Gaga". Additionally, it allowed us to produce the background image used on the green-screen because we got this from the Video for the song Woo Boost by Rusko using the program Zamzar. Without this, the video would of been less visually engaging. We used Final Cut Express to edit the video after it had all been uploaded onto the Mac. Using Final Cut Express gave a wide variety of visual effects to use within the video, keeping it engaging. Additionally, all the features that are used most are readily available in the toolbar such as the cut and mark and mark out. The timeline and audio are also well laid out, making it a lot quicker and simpler to get the video edited. and  The use of the HD Sony camera aided us dramatically in both the filming and production stages. In terms of filming, it allowed us to be a lot more creative with the camera since it is so much lighter than the old SD cameras. For example, we wanted to include shaky cam in the video as this added to the confusion and disorientation. Furthermore it helped us massively in the editing stages as the cameras interface is extremely efficient. It allowed us to select the clips of footage we wanted to upload into Final Cut individually, rather then trawling through all the captured footage from the SD cameras. In terms of planning and evaluation,  the use of Mozilla Firefox, Blogger and the Macs meant we could get feedback from a variety of different sources and improve the video in a number of different ways.

Laurens Evaluation

1.Our media product supports and challenges some of Goodwins Points. For example the points it strongly supports are visuals and music, genre and voyeurism. The visuals of the song connected well with the music and most beats were in time with the music which continues the energetic feel which matches with the music genre. The genre of the music was reflected by the bright coloured backgrounds, unusual/random shot content; such as the funny faces and cartwheel, and sporadic editing and fast pace. We didn't film any shots of the artists performing with instruments as this is typical of the genre. Lastly the voyeuristic aspect of our video is that it is overall a fun and exciting video that people would enjoy watching for entertainment purposes. However our video doesn't support lyrics to visuals as much as other points mainly because the majority of the song is instrumental, therefore we stuck to loose narratives and unusual shot content.  We didn't purposely include/support intertextuality as it was not necessary and there were no particular brand names we wanted to include. Selling our artist is hard to determine if we have met or not. This is because in our video it is unclear whether the song is by one person or a band.
               Like most music videos we have more than one location that is featured more than once in the video. This keeps the video entertaining and creates various narrative. The use of green screening is also common in videos and tackles the problem of not being able to be in the right location or find an appropriate background. Our digipak was very conventional in that it included age rating, record label, small print, titles, names, barcode and photos. We used appropriate colours that corresponded with the video and linked the three products. The magazine advert had a very similar style to the video and digipak. It had the release date and suitable information that is often present on other adverts.

2. Our Video, Magazine advert and Digipak link well together making them successful. For example we have taken stills from the video that capture the main theme/idea to use on the digipak, this allows the audience to know what happens in the music video. The front cover has a clip art style lightening bolt that is also featured in the video as part of Wills make-up. The magazine advert has individual pictures of each of the group members which sells the artist.  The pictures are all edited during the video which gives an abstract feel to the magazine advert. The background in both the digipak and magazine advert is featured in the video, this continues the link between all three products. We chose to use a playful looking font on both the digipak and magazine advert. The font is scribbly with unusual shaped letters which gives a carefree exciting look. On the front cover of the Digipak the name DJEDJOTRONIC  is in a different font. The glow around the edge links to a rave/partyt scene which is appropriate for the dancey genre of music. The group memebers are represented the same in all three products. This is primarily because the pictures are taken from the video but this is also because we didn't create a particular  image for our band.

3.The main points we found out from our class feedback was that our strengths were the video was well synced and the visuals fitted well with the music, the Goodwin's Points were met well and the effects were interesting. The weaknesses were that in some shots you could see the camera, some shots were uninteresting/repetitive and the funny face shots looked unrealistic. To combat these problems we introduced our green screen effects to make the shots more interesting as we deliberately filmed basic shots to add green screening. These backgrounds came from our inspirational video Woo Boost by Rusko. It was useful to recieve this information form our classmates because they understand what they are doing. They also can look at it from a students perspective and give ideas for improvements that are  achievable. We also received feedback from Nick, a film diploma teacher. He said our video needed more effects to make it look more continuous as some shots looked a bit bleak compared to the green screen colourful shots. He also advised us to crop a green screen clip so that the carpet was not visible.

4. When constructing our video we used a HD video camera to film. We filmed in various different locations using different filming techniques. In the paint throwing shots we used the tripod to make sure each shot was at the same level. In the shots panning around the tree we used handheld just to create the movement. After filming we uploaded our footage to a MAC computer. From here we used final cut editing software to add effects such as green screening. To create the green screen effect we used the chroma key to adjust all the green areas until they were all black. We downloaded and converted Woo Boost by Rusko by using Zamzar. Then we marked sections that didn't include Rusko but just the interesting images and added them above our original clip. When researching for our video we used Mozilla Firefox to import images onto our blog and find ideas that would be appropriate in our video. In Adobe Photoshop we created our magazine advert and digipak. I learnt how to cut images out with the lasso tool and delete background colours from images we copied from the internet.

Monday, 13 December 2010

Music Video Evaluation

Question 1: In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products?

Our video meets the conventions of real media products because for one the video meets the genre of the song, for example a rap song would have the video to meet that particular genre, such as chains, woman, cars etc. Our video has the same effect with the bright colours and trippy images of electro/drum and bass. We have developed some things further than other media products such as the different narratives; our video has 3 different narratives of, the paint scenes, the club/rave scenes and also the random location of clapping and dancing. I feel this many narratives makes are video a bit different from other videos. We have played around a lot with the effects of the video; some of the effects we have developed are the green screen and also different colours and styles on the less interesting bits of the video. The video challenges some of the real music videos with mainly the cuts, most music videos have smooth, subtle cuts but are video has quick snappy cuts to match the genre of the song. The band, location and props are all really conventional for the genre of the music. The band fits in nicely to the genre and you can tell this because all of the Goodwin's points have been met. For selling the artist I feel we did fairly well considering our whole group performed in the video yet the artist is only 1 person, but I feel we sold the artist as we all contributed in the video so we all appeared in it. As for voyeurism I think our video is very fun to watch and as the feedback was gathered everybody seemed to agree. With the visuals and lyrics and visual and music there was not much we could do with the visuals and lyrics as the song mainly only had beats throughout the song and the only main word was 'James'. We made up for it in the music and visuals as our video fits the beat of the song, for example when the paint jumps back and forth out of the pot at the start so does the music, also the clapping scenes the claps fit the beat too. Our video did not set out to have intertextuality but a few clothing brands could be seen throughout the video, on jumpers and shoes etc. Finally the use of genre characteristics out video definitely fits in and this is one of our videos strongest Goodwin's points. The reasons for this is that the many different narratives and cuts make it really edgy and really makes it fit in with the genre of the song. We have also used many different bright colours within the editing which is also a massive part of the genre.

Question 2: How effective is the combination of your main product and ancillary texts?

The combinations of are music video and both ancillary texts (DVD cover and poster) work very well together and I feel are very effective. All 3 of them work well as a promotional package, the reason for this is that they all blend well together and by looking at all 3 products you can instantly tell they are by the same artist, we have made this happen by using the same font and pictures such as the TV broadcast image in all 3 products. The pictures in all 3 products also link them as a package as they fit in with the genre with the editing of them etc, also we have made sure that everyone in our group is in the pictures on both the DVD cover and the poster so it is clear to the buyer who the artists are. We have added the basic conventions of the ancillary products in like price, quotes, age rating etc to make them look more realistic and fit in with similar products already on today's market. Overall all 3 products would stand out on the shelf because they all tie in together with similar if not the same traits on each product so you would look at it and instantly think that is Djedtronic.

Question 3: What have you learned from audience feedback?

We got a lot of us full feedback on our rough-cut video. The main criticism was that the short clips that flash up throughout the video were to boring and not interesting enough compared to the green screen and the paint scenes. We resolved this by adding effects to the short clips and changing the colours, and example of this is we slowed down and added a ghost like effect to Lauren's cartwheel. Also we got some negative feedback on a couple of scenes where the tripod was visible and also the carpet was visible in one of the green screen scenes, we sorted this out just by cutting down the clips. The feedback on the ancillary tasks where also very useful with making the most of the two. We got some good ideas as a group for the poster and DVD cover including fonts, colours and the main conventions of the two, we got this feedback from a questionnaire the class had to answer. The questionnaire also helped us with the video as the class answered questions about are rough-cut video and it helped us change some things on top of the already edited images, although we also received some negative feedback mainly due down to the clothes we wore during the scenes. All of the feedback we received was from students and media studies teachers mainly being holly are teacher, which we found very useful, as she knows the mark scheme so therefore she knows what she is looking for.

Question 4: How did you use media in the construction and research, planning and evaluation stages?

We used many different technologies in the making of the video and the ancillary tasks. We used; Final Cut Express for the video and evaluation, Photoshop for the DVD cover and poster and Firefox for the research we also used the HD camera for filming both the video and the evaluation. This is all tied in with the most overlooked technology, the Blog. Final cut express was the hardest program to use for me, although I did learn many new techniques and tools that I now know how to use on the final cut express program. The best thing I have learnt through final cut express is the green screen effect using the chroma key tool. This changes the colour of the green screen that allows you to put an image on the screen and then it turns everything that was green into the image you have layered over. I found Photoshop very irritating to use due to its complicated layout and controls. Although like final cut I have learnt many new skills on Photoshop that I didn't no before, for example how to import images and add effects etc, these are very basic skills but ones I didn't no how to do before. Both Photoshop and final cut were extremely useful in our video and ancillary tasks as they help us get the most of them therefore having a great final product. We completed all off the research using Firefox which then was added by You Tube etc. These two were very useful on our research and the Rusko video - Woo Boost that we found on You Tube and this was one of the main inspirations for our video. We also used flicker to upload pictures during the research stage as well, this was also very use full feature. Although the HD camera was a luxury during filming it turned out to be a essential piece of technology, the ease of viewing the clips we had just filmed was such a plus and the quality of video it took just gave it the edge, also the ability to take picture stills also came in very handy. Overall we could not of completed out project without any of the technology's mentioned above.

Friday, 3 December 2010


1)  In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products? 
Our video has used many of the typical conventions that music videos of this genre (eletronic / Drum and bass) have. For example quick cuts, eye grabbing visuals and a good link between music and visuals, specifically the the beat. All of these aspects are used to achieve a 'trippy' feel to the video which appeals to the target audience of teenagers to late twenties.
It also develops on the common convention of any genre, of only having one narrative, as our video has three main narratives. Our different narrative being, the green screen, the paint scene and all the clapping, faces and other dancing scenes. What this ties into is that most videos will only use green screen or CGI whereas our video contains many different elements of media, green screen, reality and effects over normal shots. An example of a video that we studied with only one element of media used was Rusko's Woo Boost which only used green screen however this inspired us to use the green screen for our video and we even took some of the visuals from that video to use for our green screen background.
We challenge the convention of selling the artist in the usual was, as it is clear that one of us could be the artist or in fact we all are however there is no indication to who it is in our video. Instead we sell ourselves as a group of people rather than specifically stating the artist.
Our ancillary products challenge the conventions of this genre but only by appealing to a more mainstream audience, this is because they are not particularly experimental. However i think this was because we are restricted as much in that we had to put certain information on the advert and DVD cover that wouldn't necessarily be used in a more experimental and out there product, although i think that the colours we used are very bright and unusual for typical adverts and DVD covers. The pictures of our group in the ancillary products represent us as just a part of the whole 'trippy' illusion that we were aiming for however it is clear that we are the main focus of the video.
Our music video contains all of Goodwin's points, with the small matter of there being very little lyrics however we have done what we can for that. For example one of the lines outs of the song was, "meet my friend, he's called James", at which point i am on the screen because my name is actually James. One of Goodwin's points that we focused on quite heavily was music to visuals, for example we synced clips of us clapping with the beat of the song this puts extra emphasis on both the music and the visual. Another example of music to visuals is when we all jump in the air as a group and as we are at the peak of the jump the music stops temporarily so i slowed the clip down so it looks like we stop in the air at the same time.
Auteur points for our video would be, many narratives going simultaneously and having different styles of editing in the same video.

2) How effective is the combination of your main product and ancillary texts?
 I think that the combination between our main product and the ancillary tasks is quite successful as they both have the same theme of trippy colours and cool effects, plus it manages to represent the group as our faces are on the advert so a consumer would know who is involved in the video. Linked with stills from the video that we put in the advert and the DVD cover, we used the same broadcasting stripes for the video, advert and DVD cover this easily recognisible image lets people know that these products are linked together. I think that the DVD cover would stand out on a shelf because it looks different and strange and people will be curious of what it's about.
These products work well as a promotional package because if people see the magazine advert it looks very interesting and just gives them enough information on how to listen to the song or watch the video without telling them everything about it so curiosity will get the better of them making them look it up.

3) What have you learned from audience feedback?
Firstly the two questions that made me think the most about our project were about the party scene, this was because it was the most ambitious idea that we had, as we weren't sure how we would manage to recreate a party scene. However after careful thought and some more research on the genre we decided that it would improve the video if we used green screen instead and i think that it has paid off.
Things that we learnt from the audience feedback that was given to us by looking at our rough cut was: Some of our clips needed effects on them because they were plainer then some of the more visually appealing clips. Some of our clips needed to be cut down because there were continuity errors, for example in one clip our tripod was in the shot and in another shot the carpet was visible on green screen because it is not the same colour as the walls.
Most of our feedback came from other students in our class which is useful because they know what is good in professional works and also they are part of the target audience for our music video so it is definitely important that we take their feedback into consideration. We also got some feedback from Holly our teacher after our rough cut music video, this was useful because she knows what the examiner is looking for so it would be very beneficial that we take her advise.

4) How did you use media technologies in the construction and research, planning and evaluation stages?
For the construction of our media products we used Photoshop, Final Cut Express and Firefox. Photoshop was used when making the advert and the DVD cover as it allows you to manipulate pictures and text to form a final product. Final Cut Express was used for the editing of our video, this was a really good program to use as we could just import all our clips into it and then modify them however we wanted to. One tool that i liked to use from Final Cut Express is the speed control which allows you to control the speed that a clip plays at, so you can make it go slow motion or speed the clip up, i have used this tool in both these ways as it is quite conventional of the genre to play around with the speed. Another skill that i have learnt with Final Cut is how to edit for the green screen with the Chroma Key this tool allows you to change the green to black which in turn allows you to layer an image over that clip giving the green screen effect.
We used Firefox for the construction and the research of our media products. This is because we could get photos off google images for our ancillary products and find out about what other people had done in previous years. Other sites we went on through Firefox were Flickr, Blogger and Youtube. We used Flickr to import photos onto our blog, we used Blogger to write down our blogs, this is where we write down all of our ideas and the processes that we went through and Youtube which allows us to view videos from other professional and ameteur artists, this is where we got the Rusko video that is on our blog from.
An essential part of the construction of our media product was the HD camera, these cameras are new to the college this year and it was really good that we had a chance to use them as the picture quality is stunning but also the controls for using it were very intuitive as so simple to use and upload to the computer.

Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Final Cut of our music video

This is our final cut of the music video, things that have been changed or added since the rough cut are: Images for the green screen that we took from the Rusko Woo Boost video, random effects for some of the plainer clips in the video such as when we are standing in front of the walls so that they fit in better with the 'trippy' theme, this was recommended by Nick my Film studies teacher. Overall we are very pleased with the outcome of the video and hope that it is very entertaining for everyone else.

Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Ancillary products

13U1-43 Music Magazine Advert2

This is our magazine advert, this will be used so that people can find out about the DVD. On the advert you can find out all the information that is needed to get the DVD, who will be involved in it and the general content of the DVD.

lauren digipak2

This is the DVD cover, on this is all the information that is included on the DVD, the pictures show what the content is likely to be as they are stills from the video.

The use of Technology

H.D Camera
The camera was lightweight which enabled us to film fluidly. However we could also make the most out of the "shaky camera" style of filming we wanted in some of our video.

Photoshop - We found this program useful when producing both the draft and final versions of our digipak. Sometimes we struggled to cut some shapes or add images from the internet without the background they had. Additionally,  having photoshop meant we could do more with the images as the tools available are a lot more advanced than other programs of a similar nature, meaning we could produce more complex and interesting images.

Final Cut Express -  The combination of the improved interface of the HD camera, and the use of final cut express allowed us to easily upload the needed sections without trawling through all the footage on the camera. This made the process a lot quicker and easier, giving us more time on the editing. The use of final cut express also improved the quality of our video as a whole due to the wide variety of effects and filters there for us to use.

Mozilla Firefox 

Possible marketing ideas

The genre that our chosen song comes under means there are a number of methods we could use to advertise and sell our DVD. It could be done through the use of Magazine adverts, Television adverts and posters. I will go into more detail below.

1. DJ Mag is a British based magazine devoted to music made by DJ's, both signed and unsigned. This is perfect for our DVD as it fits the genre of our artist. It would also mean that the adverts would be seen by our target audience. For example, fans of the genre would be made aware of the released of the new DVD and possibly go out and buy it. It could also grab the attention of influential industry people, and get the name of the the artist, "Djedjotronic" out and about. Additionally, fans of this genre are stereotypically between the ages of 16 - 25, and this is the age groups that would buy this style of magazine, making it easier to get the advertising noticed by the sorts of people we want it to be.

2. In terms of TV advertising, the various music channels could prove an effective medium to advertise our DVD. This is because of similar reasons to the magazine adverts as it would target a very specific audience and be noticed by fans of the audience. Examples of possible channels the advert could be played on are "Viva", "MTV Dance" and "Clubland TV". All these channels are known for playing music of a similar style to Djedjotronic.

3. Finally, avertising though posters could be done in both magazines and also through posters placed around at similar live events and concerts put on by Djedjotronic himself. This could further help to reach our target audience and the places that they would be placed at would be clubs and pubs etc.

Friday, 26 November 2010

Ideas for our ancillary products

We have to design a magazine advert and a DVD cover for our music video as part of the ancillary task, these are our ideas for what we want to have in them.
For the magazine advert:
Firstly we need the name of what our video is called and also who the artist is (Djedjotronic - James), also where to get it from and when it comes out. These need to be included so that people will have enough information about the product to go buy it if they are interested in it. We think that an interesting font and cool colours will be most effective as they will draw the attention of consumers and are fitting with the style of our video.
We have though of a particular layout for the poster where there are pictures across the poster showing some of what will be in the video so people can see what kind of content will be included in the video. We think that the pictures that we choose must be eye catching and also relevant to the theme of the poster and the video, so for example we will probably use video stills of our faces to sell the artist.
We think that the use of a catch phase might be quite useful as people will read it and remember it, something like "Real music to your ears".

For the DVD cover:
Again we will need to include the name of the product so people know what they are buying, the use of interesting and bold folds and colours will be needed here to grab consumers attention. We can get good fonts of Google and use the existing fonts in photoshop. For example one of the fonts that we might use for the poster and the DVD cover is called Klam as it is very interesting and cool. Other things that we need to include on the back of the DVD is the synopsis this is the writing at the top which explains what the DVD is about and information on the artist. We are going to use reviews from leading critics in our digi pack. They will be positive reviews and also fitting in the genre of the video. We are going to add in the website of Djedjotronic so that the customers can see more of the artist online. We will also add more of the less obvious information such as running time, wide screen and the small print, which we will be looking at similar products for the small print.
We are thinking of what to put as the actual artwork for the DVD cover we were thinking a large lighting bolt as Will has one on his face in the video so that will link together quite well. This intertextuality should work quite well as people will recognise it when they watch the video from the front cover. Also i think we will add video stills of use so that people who look at the front and back cover will know what will be included in the video. For example the clip of us jumping in the air would look quite good as we can use the cut out tool so non of the background is included. 
Other things that we need to include in the DVD cover is the Age rating we think that are video will be a PG because there is nothing in are video that would be unsuitable for children. Also we need to include a bar code because every DVD needs to have one to be sold and the record label we think that EMI will be are record label because they sign many groups similar to ours like the Gorillaz.

Analysis of a Past Students Digipak

GROUP 31 Music DVD Cover2
This Digipak has had a lot of time spent on the cover. After reading the blog I found out the picture had been taken and of all of the group members in a tree shape and then painted over in the photoshop. I think this photo looks effective and was a good idea. The background image is simple yet effective a
and is featured in the video which makes a good link. I think the back cover could have had more time spent on it. For example, screen shots from the video could have made the cover more exciting. However all of the correct information and logos are on the cover.

Thursday, 25 November 2010

Target Audience

The target audience for our music video will probably be aged from 12 to late 20's because it has quick cuts which keeps the attention of young people and it has a lot going on in it so again it is interesting and keeps their attention. Another thing about the video which will attract that age group is that is has a fairly loose narrtive meaning you don't have to pay special attention to the video to understand what's going on, therefore they can relax while watching it.
The music itself definitely appeals to the adolescent audience as this electro/ drum and bass genre is very popular at the moment and people who like dubstep are also likely to enjoy this song because it is very close to that genre as well. This song would be very popular at clubs and parties because it has a solid bass line which is easy to dance along to.
Artist, Djedjotronic

Final touches with editing

This post is a bit late but i had a few more things to say about the final stages of the editing for our video.
We showed Nick my film studies teacher our video and he gave me a few extra ideas that i could use for the video. He showed me where to find the old style broadcasting stripes of colours that you used to see on T.V sometimes and it when really well with the style of our video, so i used it at the beginning and on different clips faded into the background.

Picture 13
Broadcasting stripes

Another thing that Nick told me was to have a go trying different effects with the clips that were a bit plainer then say the green screen clips. So i spent a few lessons messing around with different effects like blur which really contributed to the overall style of the video.

Analysis of Magazine Advert

This is the advert for Gwen Stefani's Album L.A.M.B. The elaborate gold coloured font creates a sense of wealth which could be appealing to some audiences. This theme also goes well with one of the songs on the album called "Rich Girl". The picture is taken from the album cover which makes a consistent image for the artist. There is information informing the audience of what songs are on the CD as well as well as the institutional information.

Font Analysis

Picture 3
Overall, the fonts we considered for our digipak are modern, quite futuristic looking fonts. This is because is suits well with the electronic/techno genre.

1. Font number one was one of my favorite fonts for the digipak as it is very simple, but at the same time, is quite a striking and well fitting font. Like the others.

2. The second font i chose has a similar style to the first one, its just a little bolder. I stuck with the simple but striking idea as it is both easy to read, but also fits nicely with the theme of the artist and his music.

3. The third font has quite a "sci-fi" look to it and would go well with the imagery of our digi-pak.

4. I like font four because it is electronic looking, and looks like something that would be found in 8 bit computer games. The pixelated look would be appropriate as it goes well with the DJ, techno style.

5. Font number 5 is particularly relevant to our music genre and therefore wouldn't be useful on our digipak or advert. The bubble writing style looks like it is from the 60s and wouldn't fit well.

6. Number six would not be suitable as it is not bold enough and wouldn't stand out against the bright colours and bold theme we plan to have in both the digipak and magazine advert.


Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Existing DVD cover analysis


In Lady Gaga's DVD cover she is photographed in a seductive pose. The use of voyeurism shows the artist in a different way which could be appealing to some people. Making the artist the focus of the cover shows the confident style of Lady Gaga's Music. The light colours of her clothing make her stand out and look fresh. The jeweled cuffs on her jacket show wealth and glamour which makes the DVD appealing. On the back of the cover Lady Gaga is seen performing. The background is black but Lady Gaga is lit up making it look as though she is spotlighted. This lighting makes her look special and unique.

Michael Jackson DVD Cover Analysis - not finished

This Michael Jackson DVD cover is an effective way of selling the Artists music videos for a number of reasons.

To begin with, in the centre of the product is a large image of the Artist himself. This helps to sell the artist and his image to the public, and also gives viewers an clue of what is to come in terms of look for the rest of the DVD. In addition to this, the bold name across the top of the cover further increases the emphasis put onto the artist.

The colour scheme of the DVD is relatively blocky, with the two main colours being a simple black and white. However, this works well since the title of the DVD, "bad"is in red. This helps it to stand out, and also grabs the attention of people well.

It also includes all the standard DVD cover features, such as the DVD logo along the spine, a sponsorship advert from Pepsi next to the DVD title.

Lyrics Analysis

The song we chose to do for our music video is not a conventional pop song. It is a relatively unknown, almost underground song which comes under the Dance/Electro Genre.
The lyrics within the song are very limited as it is more about the music itself. However, the lyrics that are present in the song have quite a generic theme as first off, there is a section where the name of the song "James" is repeated over and over, and secondly there is a small section to do with partying and drinking. I believe the artist chose to do this because it is stereotypical of this genre of dance music as the focus is not on meaning and lyrics, but on sound and how people ca move to the music.

Friday, 19 November 2010

Distribution and Retail.

There are a lot different record labels that could possibly distribute our music video such as Virgin, Parlophone, EMI. Virgin and EMI are both based in the UK and Parlophone comes from Germany but is a subsidery of EMI.

Virgin records is a Brtish based record label founded by Richard Branson, Simon Draper and Nick Powell in 1972. They are known for having record deals with many big artists, spanning all Genres from Metal to Hip-Hop. Notable examples of artists signed to Virgin which would relate to our video are 'NERD' which have a heavy hip-hop influenced, 'The Human league' who were an 80's Disco/Dance band and 'The Chemical Brothers' This suits our music video well as it wouldn't be out of the ordinary for Virgin to release a video of a similar style to our video.

EMI is also another British based Record company , founded in 1931 and are famous for having deals with many famous bands throughout the 20th and 21st century. They are also famous for being the first people to record in full stereo sound, and being the leading developers in Gramophone technology during the early 20th century. Known artists such as Dizzy Rascal and Tinie Tempah, which share similarities with our artist in the electric/dance genre. Because of this we feel that EMI would also be a suitable record producer for Djedtronic.

Tuesday, 16 November 2010


We used several different locations while shooting our music video, all of them being on College grounds this was because of convenience but also because most of the clips we have had have effects on them making the location unrecognizable anyway, making the location not essential for the majority of our shots. Obviously we used the green screen for part of the filming this required us to tell Holly in advance that we needed it as she would have to get the keys and unlock it for us, apart from that it was relatively straight forward filming in there.
This is the wall we filmed the clapping and faces in front of.

Front of the green screen, it is temporarily closed for maintenance.

Back of the green screen.

Tree that i stand against when i get paint thrown at me.

The weather was much nicer when i took the photos compared to when we were filming.

However the paint scene we definitely had to think about where we were going to shoot it, at first we planned two go to a field in Fulborn near Will's house however the bus journey there is over 40 minutes and some of our group wouldn't be able to come. Luckily i found a prime location to film the scene on College grounds which would allow us to film in the lesson and with more of our group available. This location allowed us to do the paint scene because it was in the middle of a forest on the outskirts of College so it didn't matter if we got paint everywhere. Another plus was that it was a very quiet place so we could film without being disturbed by other people.

Field where we did all the outdoor dance scenes.

This is the path where we filmed some of the dancing feet.

We chose the field because it is quite a plain space so that the focus will be on our actions during the video, plus as i found out during editing the grass can have layers over it to produce a cool effect using the Chroma Key. Again this location was partly chosen because it is very quiet during lesson so that we can film in peace.

Questionaire For Target Audience Research

This is the Questionnaire we have created to get further feedback for our video and also to get an idea of what people would like to see on the digipak and the magazine advert. We will let a few students fill the Questionnaire in and then post them later.

1. Do you think the locations fit well with the genre of music?
Yes, the  locations fit well with rave type music, for  example the scene with the woods. 
Yes, there were lots of locations, which fits in with how much is going on in the music.

2. Do the costumes reflect the style of the video?
Not particularly,the costumes are mediocre because the costumes do not fit in with the rave genre, for example the re leather jacket worn by the girl in the video. 
As above
3. Is there variation of shot type?
Yes there is a good variety of shots including close up's, and extreme close up's. 
Yes, lots of variety.
4. Is the meaning of the video clear?
Yes it is clear due to the sporadic cuts, and the props that they used such as luminous paint. 
It's clear that the aim was to follow the genre.
5. How does the video look overall?
Good, due to the group following Goodwins points, for example selling the artist through using close ups of the artists faces and features.
The special effects worked really well, and had a good general effect.
6. What are the main areas for improvement?
The costumes weren't particularly relevant to the genre

1. What stills from the video would be best to use on our digiPak?
The shot of all four of the band jumping, this would be a good shot to use because it shows the genre and it sells the artist. 
Something energetic, with lots of colours. I.e. the paint scene?
2.What age rating do you think would be appropriate for our Video?

Magazine Advert) ?
1. What colours would you expect to see?
Bright colours reflecting the theme.
bright colours and lots of them
2. What style of font would you expect to see?
Funky, and crazy reflecting the genre of dance. 
Bold. Big, Distorted
3. What information would you like to find in the advert?
tour dates, price, Where to buy the product and star ratings. 
Shops, price, reviews etc
4. What should conventionally be in a magazine advert?
Name of artist, producer, Name of album, star rating, where to buy product.  
As above

Analysing a professional music video

This is a music video by DJ Fresh - Gold Dust, it is conventional in some ways to the electronic genre because it has a loose narrative meaning that something is happening but it might not make sense. However there are no special effects or anything that looks 'trippy' which is more commonly found in from this genre. Although being quite unconventional this video is still voyeuristic as it is very entertaining to watch with all the people skipping and doing cool tricks with the jumping rope.
Another element of this music video that is conventional of the electronic genre are the experimental angles, these make you feel more involved in the video and are very interesting to watch.

Friday, 12 November 2010

Sketches for DVD cover




These are the photos of one idea for the DVD cover to our music video. We have made sure to include the name of the artist and song in bold and in the center of the cover. Furthermore, we wanted to use bright colours for the overall design as it fits well with the theme of the song. All the required elements are also present on the cover such as the bar code, age certificate, the run time of the video an the "DVD" logo on the sleeve. We choose to use bold colours to attract people and it will contrast from other more mediocre DVD covers which wouldn't grab a consumers attention. As you can see there are pictures that represent video stills that we will add in, these will show people what will be in the video. There is a silhouette of a group jumping, this shows that this song and video will make you excited and also is another thing that is in our video. 

Use of the HD camera

With this project, out group used to HD cameras for the first time. We noticed a number of benefits from using the HD cameras. For example, sorting through the different sections of video we had shot was made a lot easier due to the interface of the camera. We were able to quickly swap between sections and select which bits we wanted to use in the final edit, before it had all been uploaded onto the Macs, saving us time in the long run.

It also allowed us to have a more professional look due to the overall picture quality. They were easy to transport around as they are very lightweight and small as well, which came in handy whilst filming the paint scene in the woods in particular. Also, it allowed to to easily get shots where to camera comes across as very unsteady since it could be waved around and used in a "first person perspective" way.


Analysis of past students work

Group Q1-10's music video follows a good narrative throughout. The story of the girl and boy fits well with the lyrics and overall feel of the song. Additionally, the acoustic guitar in the video works well and matches the sound of the guitar in the actual recording.There is a good variation of shot types throughout, such as long shots and close ups. The sepia style shots represent the memories shots.

However the lip syncing didn't fit particularly well. The video could probably have benefited from more locations and possibly an alternate narrative or some animation.

I also think that there could of been more use of video effects. This is because the sepia effect worked particularly well with the overall feel of the video. For example, a slow motion effect could of been used in the slower sections of the songs, with the shots of the couples to give it a bigger and more meaningful impact. The colours could also of been turned up in the flashback scene to indicate that it was a separate section. This would of given it a more dreamlike and surreal look.

Thursday, 11 November 2010

Thoughts on editing

Overall the editing for the video wasn't to bad we didn't have many difficulties while editing that seriously slowed us down. One thing that did take a while was finding which clip to use when because we have around 40 to 50 clips so it would take a while to watch to go through them each time until we found the appropriate clip, especially that we had so many cuts and scene changes, this was the thing that took the longest.
Using and editing with the green screen was not as bad as i had anticipated, as it was quite a simple procedure once we learnt how to do it, (see an earlier post on the steps needed to do it).
An effect that was quite fun to do was when Lauren was doing the cartwheels, what i did for that was i had to create several of the same clips and layer them over each other, then change the opacity of the clips so that the clips below them can be seen, this created the effect that there were several Lauren's doing cartwheels slightly out of sync from the one before it.   
One thing that has proved difficult was when we filmed bits of floor in the green screen because we couldn't layer an image over it because it wan't the same colour as the green on the wall.

Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Mood board

glow-sticksTechno Hoops


These are just a few pictures that i have taken off the internet that i think relate to our videos theme and the content that we will have in it. So pictures like big parties or 'raves', glow sticks are commonly associated with the techno scene so we have included them in our video. Also pictures of people getting paint thrown at them as we have a paint fight in the video as well.
Picture 22

This is the E-mail we sent to Djedjotronic via Myspace, asking if we could use his song for our music video. We wanted to make sure we asked for the rights since he is relatively small artist with a limited fan base since his music is not "mainstream". Additionally, we wanted to try and establish some form of communication with the artist so we could possibly get ideas for our video.

Marking Criteria

1. Holding a shot steady where appropriate
2. Framing a shot - including and excluding elements
3. Using a variety of shot distances
4. Shooting material appropriate to the task
5. Selecting mise en scene
6. Editing so that meaning is apparent
7. Using varied shot transitions
8. Using sound with images

I feel our group has met most of these points already as there is a variety of different shot types and distances. Although most of the camera work is moving or hand held there are a few steady shot types within the film. Our film is appropriate to the task we have been set as is it obviously a music video. Our video has been edited so it fits in with the techno/dance genre of the song. The song goes well with the film and is very clear that are video belongs tho that genre although there is no narrative.

Our group is going to focus on: Using varied shot transitions. The reason for this is that our group feels we don't have enough of this and could easily be added in for a better overall effect.

Monday, 8 November 2010

Use of Goodwin's points

I believe that all 6 of Goodwin's points are in our video, most of these have been intentionally put in there by us however one point, intertextuality was in our video by pure accident which i will talk about in more detail later on.
  • Selling the artist - With this song it is difficult to determine whether a group made it or just one person did, as it is of the electronic genre any number of people could have helped make it. So in our video it is easy to believe either one of the four of us is the artist or that we are one group who all worked together. For arguments sake i would say that the group as a whole helped make the song therefore we all feature in the video, plus this fits selling the artist better.
  • Voyeurism - Our video is quite voyeuristic in the sense that it is fun to watch and easy to enjoy, this was confirmed when the rest of the class watched our video and posted comments on our blog (see earlier posts) and all of them said it was very fun to watch and quite entertaining. I think that we achieved this by not having a very deep narrative(s), this means that the viewer doesn't have to remember any complex storyline with hidden meaning they can just sit back and relax.
  • Genre Characteristics - Our video definitely has many of the stereotypical characteristics of the electronic/ drum and bass genre. Firstly it has a very loose narrative meaning there is no particular point that something is happening in the video other than for entertainment purposes. It has very quick editing so each clip is only showed for a maximum of a few seconds but more often then not repeated several times through-out the video, an example of this is Rusko's video Woo Boost, however this video is a good example for many of the points made here. No shots of the artist or artists actually performing their music which is almost always the case with this genre of videos. Plus we have incorporated lots of sweet colours in the video as well with the use of green screen, awesome or 'trippy' colours are commonly associated with this genre.
  • Visuals - Lyrics - Unfortunatly our video doesn't really have very many words however the song name is James and there is also mention of James within the song and my name is actually James so i am on screen when James is mentioned. Sadly that was all the lyrics so there was not a huge amount we could do with this point. 
  • Visuals - Music - What we lacked with visuals - lyrics we made up for it with this point. When editing i synced the clapping we have through-out the video with the beat of the song, which looks pretty cool. Other visuals that linked with the music that we had in the video was the dancing which had a loose connection with the music as we were dancing to this track whenever we were filming. Also i have slowed down and sped up clip based on the speed of the song, for example there is a part in the song where everything stops, so i slowed down the clip of us jumping in the air to a point where we actually look like we have stopped in mid-air.  
  • Intertexuality - As i said earlier we didn't intend to have any intertextuality in the video however we ended up with a few little bits of it for example the Nike tick on Will's shoe and several other clothing brands that happened to be visable when we were filming, this is still helpful for our video's success as people might see a well known brand in the video and they would be able to relate to the video in some way.

Friday, 5 November 2010


After receiving our feedback from the class and our teacher we have found out that:

These were our strengths
  •  well synced, music fits well with the music
  • good use of Goodwins points
  • interesting effects e.g the doubling up on the kartwheel shot
These were our weaknesses:
  • In some shots you can see the camera
  • some shots were uninteresting/repetitive
  • unrealistic funny faces

Having seen this feedback we've started to introduce our green screen effects. This will hopefully tackle the problem of uninteresting shots. We deliberately filmed some shots with basic movements as we planned to add the green screening to make a more interesting shot. The backgrounds/images we have used have come from our original inspiration video Woo Boost by Rusko. 
               To do this we selected the green screen clip and used the chroma key. Then we adjusted the colour so that all of the green changed to black. Then we marked an interesting background from the Rusko video that didn't include any images of him. After we found a section we liked we dragged it below the original clip and rendered.
Hopefully we will be able to find another clip we filmed that doesn't include the camera or any people in the background. If not we could try to crop the clip.
The effects we used on the Kart wheel, most people liked so we would like to experiment with some other effects so all of the clips look similar and fit with the video style.

    Thursday, 4 November 2010

    Filming the paint scene

    The paint scene in which I get covered in paint in a firing squad style was our most difficult piece of filming as there were many factors that could go wrong or that we had to consider, for example:
    Missing me when throwing the paint
    Getting the right location
    Finding a good camera angle to film it with
    Making sure that we have got all the other shots that we needed in first as I would not be able to do any before shots after I got paint all over me.
    Finding colours of paint that would show up best on camera against my white clothes
    Getting paint suitable for throwing (not harmful for eyes or skins)

    We managed to do these things with only a few minor glitches, the first shot we did with the paint pots being used Dan managed to miss me however this wasn't too bad as i had brought more paint just in case something like that had happened.
    The paint that we used in te end was suitable for 3+ so i pretty sure that it would be ok to use for filming.
    At first we were planning to go outside college grounds to film our paint scene however only 2 people in our group were available over the weekend so we decided to film on college grounds in lesson time.

    Wednesday, 3 November 2010

    Teacher Feedback

    Well done on your Rough Cut U1-43. There is good use of shot variety here. Your video meets Goodwin's points of music and visuals well as you edit on the beat. You also have a good variety of locations and themes to keep the viewer interested.
    For your extra shoot you should think about what you want to do with the green screen. also you use hand held at some point, perhaps some use of the Dolly would also be useful. Perhaps you could experiment with editing techniques such as split screen.

    Tuesday, 2 November 2010

    Rough cut music video

    In this rough edit of our final video, there is no use of the green screen yet so this will need to be taken into account when viewing it. We plan to have bright colors and isometric shapes flashing around in the background behind the dancing secnes. Additionally, we are going to use overlay with the green screen, and apply the shapes to some of the shots which are not filmed in front of the green screen, for example, the shot of Lauren doing a cartwheel.

    Music Video Feedback

    U1-41 - Lots of different quick shots, sharp editing to keep it interesting and it was synced very well. It was quite repetitive but that fitted with the song and made it seem like a realistic video. Near the end of the video in a couple of shots you can see the a camera, tripod and someone filming in the background, and I'm not too sure whether it is supposed to be in there or not. We liked the different editing techniques and you can see that a lot of effort has been put in to make the video. Well Done :)

    U1-50- the ideas are creative ans there is a lot of sporadic cuts which show the use of Goodwin's points really well. The effects used were really good for example Laurens kart wheel. Using the UV paint was entertaining but majority of the shots were less exciting and did not really match the theme of the song.

    U1-45- overall the music video was entertainment and fun to watch. Some key points we picked up on were that the whole weird face shots were unrealistic. Good points were quick editing and some really good shots which more interesting. Also some effects were entertaining to watch like the paint to the face and the kart wheel.

    U1-44- It's edited well, the cuts fit with the music. The repeated sections and effects are good. We liked the glow stick bit. The paint is a bit of an anti-climax...Maybe you could slow it down since a lot of techno music videos use alternating speeds. Overall we think it fitted with the music style and it looked fun to make.

    Tuesday, 19 October 2010


    The overall style we are going for with the editing is relatively quick cuts to achieve our original aim of disorientating the viewer. Additionally, when the song breaks or changes beat, we will use slow motion to help exaggerate the movements of the actors.

    We also want to emphasize the use of paint during editing so a lot of those scenes, particularly when Jamie is against the tree as it fits well with the beat and overall sound of the music well.

    When we began editing, we ended up with blank areas of footage. To get rid of this problem, and to make the video more visual we put quick cutting images of us between the claps.

    Thursday, 14 October 2010

    Filming with the Green Screen

    Today we filmed against the green screen. We danced with glow sticks to create a dance/rave feel. We will experiment with different effects such as increased exposure and dazzle to make interesting light patterns.
    Ideas for Green Screen background:
    • Strobe lighting
    • club related images 
    • bright graphic style images

    We used make up to paint abstract shapes on our faces in bright colours to make the shots more interesting to look at.

    Some shots were filmed hand held to portray the club/rave theme.

    Tuesday, 5 October 2010

    Call Sheet


    Location: Green Room, Field, In Longroad and surrounding areas.

    Actors: Lauren, Dan, Jamie, Will and some Randomers.

    Camera: Dan, Jamie, Will, Lauren

    Sound: Jamie, Will, Lauren, Dan

    Costumes: Lauren

    Transport: Public Bus

    Week 1:
    Day1: During the lesson we will film the following at long road:
    • hand movements
    • dancing
    • faces
    • experimental shots 
    12:20: Meet in Classroom
    12:30: Start moving round college with Equipment
    12:35: Start dancing in location 1
    13:30: By now we will have moved around several locations dancing each time
    13:35: Head back to classroom

    Week 2
    Day 1: In this lesson we will use the studio to film against the green screen. We will be filming a rave style scene that we can then apply graphics and effects to, to create a clubbing style shot.

    12:20: Meet in Classroom
    12:30: Setting up equipment in green room
    13:00: start raving with glow stick and dance mooves
    13:30: still filming the clubbing/raving in the green room
    13:45: Head back to class.

    Day 2: In this lesson we will be filming the green screen again doing similar things to day 1.

    12:20: Day 2 will be exactly the same as day 1.

    Day 3 : In college:
    After College: after college we will be doing the paint fight scene which will then be cut into     our video afterward.


    12:20: Meet in Classroom

    Taking out the cameras

    This is the permission sheet that one of our group members had to sign to say that if the camera is damaged when we take it out we have to pay to replace it. This is a necessary precaution for the college to take to make sure that we are responsible with the camera especially now that they are new HD cameras.

    Planning for filming

     These are our story boards, they are just a general idea of what we want to film. Story boards are very handy when we go out filming because we can refer to them whenever we are unsure of what comes next. Doing a story board helps us allocate our filming time efficiently, allowing us to get the appropriate shots before we start to editing. 

    This is our timeline, it is similar to the story boards but it allows us to go into more detail as it is broken up into 6 sections for every 30 seconds. So we can describe each 5 second shot  by putting the location, props and narrative used for that scene. This is not necessarily what we will film but it will be used as a guildline when filming so that our time will be used constructivly.

     This is our shot list is basically describes each scene that we need to film, what location and what props we will need it will come in handy when it comes to filming and we just want to find out quickly what we need for each shot. This should definatly save some time.

    Sunday, 3 October 2010

    Feedback from pitch

    Where are you going to get all your props from? Most of our props will be easily attainable from shops and things like the DJ table we can get from a friend.

    Is it dangerous to throw paint at someone? No as long as ours mouths are closed and we are wearing a blind fold nothing bad should happen.

    How will you get all the people to look like your having a party? We will invite our friends which should amply fill a small room.

    Surely going to so many different locations will take too much time? No because we won't really have to travel especially far to get a different location and since the audiences attention will be focusing on what's acctully going on in the scene they may not even notice that some of the locations are a little bit similar.

    Are you going to film an acctul party or is going to be a fake one? We will be filming a fake party so that we can control all the elements on the screen.

    Auteur Theory

    Created by andre Bazin - Film theorist
    It was a cinematic movement. The director was in control and had their own vision.
    Auteur - successfull/well known.
    Has their own signature style --> intertextuality, filming/editing, techniques, stars, mood.
    Hook - repeated image that draws the audience in. Selling the artist and image.

    Chris Cunningham

    - abstract
    - scary
    - special effects e.g rewind, slo mo.
    - sinister
    - dark
    - unusual camera angles e.g canted
    - not mainstream
    - use of filters
    - music and visuals co ordinate sometimes
    front cover for album - 
    Window Licker

    Come To Daddy - This shot is a good example of a link between the visuals and the music. Because as the scream on the song begins, the creature screams in time.

    Location change

    We have decided to change the dark room party location for a green screen, this will allow us to give a 'trippier' effect on the video and will make it easier to film due to casting as we will not need any additional people outside our group. We got the idea for using a green screen from the Rusko - Woo boost video (see in eariler post). This means that our video will gain another aspect of genre convention, one of Goodwin's points.
    Using the green screen will allow us to be more creative when editing the video as we can add anything to the background, we could add some abstract and experimental things such as differents moving colours random images or we can create the illusion of a large party by adding a party scene to the background.
    Colourful 'trippy' background.

    Friday, 1 October 2010

    Rusko - Video Influence

    This video by Rusko was the main inspiration for our video. We liked the idea of the bright colours and the abstract images popping up throughout the video. We also took the idea of bright neon lights further with the idea of staging he paint fight and also a small dark room lit with neon lighting

    The Rusko video also makes use of green screen to create the background colours and also uses it to make parts of his body disappear. Additionally, our own video is based around the dancing and colours which plays a big part in the Rusko song

    Thursday, 30 September 2010

    Mise en Scene for Music Video

    • Turntable
    • Paint
    • Lighting
    • UV paint
    • Face Paint
    • Green Screen



    • In our video we will have various different narratives. In one we will need a dark room
    • We will also need a strobe light or UV light.

      • Plain clothes for paint scene
      • Normal clothing for rave scene

      • In some shots we will include face paint style make up to create a colourful scene.
      • We will also try and get hold of a UV light so that we can then use UV paint. If this isn't possible we will use glow in the dark paint.



      • Green screen with lights and glow sticks, dj turntable
      • Outside location (field) for paint throwing
      • various locations for movement

      Friday, 24 September 2010

      Conventions of Techno/Electro Music

      Prodigy - Invaders Must Die: continuing theme/narrative
      Unicorn Kid - Dreamcatcher: mirror effect
      • Trippy visuals
      • performer/dancing
      • dark areas with neon/strobe lighting
      • abstract
      • disorientating/confusing the viewer
      • loose narrative

      Rusko- Woo Boost: Unusual imagery

      Thursday, 23 September 2010

      James by Djedjotronic - Pitch

      Location- town, long road, gym, a wall, dark room.
      There will be mabye two main locations where we film the video however there will be lots of quick cuts to other locations for short periods of time, so in reality we could use up to 10 or more different locations.

      Performance Style- un-rountined dancing, experimental, narrative, paint fight.
      Our style of the video will be quite experimental and abstract as this is conventional of the genre (techno/D&B) therefore there won't be any rountine dances or any sort of stereotypical music video narrative, for example our video will be more similar to Chris Cunningham's work than say Nigel Dick who directed some of Britney Spears' videos.

      Props- weights, glow sticks, speakers, turntable, face paint, crazy hair.
      There is a chance that we may use a large number of props for our video, glow sticks, speakers and turntables are very commonly associated with this genre of music these things are an expectation from the audience and fans of the 'rave' scene. With the glow sticks we will have quite a lot of people jumping about in a dark room holding or wearing glow sticks like they are at a party raving away. The face paint and crazy hair kind of represents the tempo of the song, for the video having the groups faces painted etc and running round will make everything look very frantic but still fun.

      Casting- our whole group + some random people.
      People partying with glow sticks
      Our video will most likely just contain our group however we might get a few people to help us film the rave/ party scenes as 4 people doesn't really look like a good party.

      Effects + Editing- slow motion, rewind, multi screen, quick cuts, camera angles, lighting.
      We will use slow motion for when the paint is being thrown at the lucky group member as it will look very cool. We can use rewind on smaller actions so they are repeated several times which will emphasize the action. Multi screen is very useful as it allows us to portray several people or even the same person in many different screens at the same in different locations and costumes. I think we will use lots and lots of quick cuts which will go with the beat of the song.

      Filming Style- close ups, 1st person, handheld, over head, canted angles.
      Glow sticks :)
      The use of these camera angles and actions will dissorientate the audience making them feel like they are involved in the video.

      Overall Vision- fast pace, different locations, dark room with glow sticks, paint throwing / fight, Raveing with many people.
      At the start of the video there will be one person raving by themselves then through out the song more and more people will join them.
      Other part of the video will start with somebody opening pots of paint and through out the video we see people preparing to throw paint at someone in a kind of firing squad way.
      There will also be lots of different scenes of people clapping and dancing by themselves to the beat.

      Meeting Goodwin's criteria- Our music video sells the artist as we will have shots of him in the video doing a bit of singing and also just being featured in it doing random things. This music video will have voyeurism as the audience will enjoy watching weird parties and other goings on like the paint throwing etc. I think that our video will meet most of the genre characteristics of techno/D&B as it is quite abstract and experimental, involves scenes of partying, however there aren't a huge range of official music videos for this genre so we won't really be looking at too many other videos for ideas. There will be a very defined connection between the visuals and music as most of ours cuts will be on the beat and pretty much any actions will try and fit around the beats for extra effect. I'm not entirerly sure what we can use to have intertextuality in our music video but it will probably be a brand logo or something to that effect. 

      Why it will hold the audiences attention- Our music video will hold the audiences attetion in several different ways. First our narrative with the guy getting paint thrown at him in a kind of firing squad way makes the audience what to see what happens as they won't see it all at once. Secondly all the quick cuts, location changes and costume changes will keep the audience entertained as there will be little repeatition in the visuals. Thridly and lastly the audience will generally just enjoy the scenes of weird and craziness as there is something very voyeuristic about watching people mess around and have fun.
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